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Download a PDF version of the directions here.

Two hundred km southwest of Paris, Poitiers is the nearest major city to Cherry Cottage. High-speed TGV trains take one and a half hours to reach Poitiers from Paris and leave from either Gare de Montparnasse or the Charles de Gaulle Airport station (TGV info here). After arriving in Poitiers, a car is necessary to get from Poitiers to the guesthouse in Les Bordes. Cars can be rented in front of the Poitiers train station (e.g. Avis and Hertz). The drive from Poitiers to Cherry Cottage takes just under 45 minutes. Please note the map below for detailed directions from the highway N10 turnoff to the cottage. Poitiers can also be reached by plane (Poitiers Airport), with daily Ryan Air flights from Stansted Airport (just outside London).

Detailed Directions from Poitiers to Cherry Cottage
Cherry Cottage is located in the tiny 3-home hamlet of Les Bordes, which, amazingly, can now be found using Google maps. Simply search for "Les Bordes, Brux". Even with Google driving directions, we recommend that you still have a look at these instructions, which can be easily printed by downloading the PDF version. The first three steps in the directions below have been written specifically for guests making use of the Poitiers train station. More generally, one can follow signs to the city of Angoulême (about 100 km south of Poitiers). In general, it is necessary simply to find the N10 "national" highway and head south out of Poitiers -- the directions below will be useful again at the Couhé turnoff from the N10.

  • The main doors of the Poitiers train station open onto the Boulevard Pont-Achard, a large thoroughfare running approximately north-south. As one exits the station, the Avis and Hertz rental car offices are located up the street to the left, less than half a block north on Boulevard Pont-Achard.
  • The best route towards Cherry Cottage is to take Boulevard Pont-Achard south (to the right after exiting Poitiers Station). Follow this street as it bends slightly to the right about 1.5 km from the station and becomes the Avenue de la Liberation (although finding street signs is difficult).
  • Continue straight ahead for several km (the street name changes again to Avenue du 8 Mai 1945). You will pass a large hardware store named Castorama on your left. Follow green signs that include the direction to Angoulème. Just after Castorama you will see a large shopping area called Auchan on your right and will encounter two roundabouts in quick succession. Continue straight ahead through both roundabouts, and in all cases, follow green signs that direct you toward Angoulème. Ignore the blue signs which direct traffic to the A10 Autoroute. Instead, after passing through the final roundabout, you should be heading south on the N10 "national" highway.


  • Continue on the N10 towards Angoulême for 28km, passing Croutelle and Vivonne
  • Exit the N10 at the first turnoff for Couhé, Couhé nord
  • Continue 1-2km through Couhé, passing the 'Intermarché' supermarket on the left and 'Bricogem'.
  • At the old covered market place in center-town (on the right), turn left on D7, following signs to Civray, Ceaux, and Vaux.
  • You will continue on D7 for a total of 5.3 km, descending into a gentle river bed, crossing its small (usually dry) creek, and soon after, passing milemarker "D7-85." (milemarkers are posted on the left side of the road, about 1 meter off the ground).
  • Turn left (east) at the next intersection. A good landmark for this turnoff are the electrical lines that run parallel to the road that you must take. You will be heading toward Prémillant, although there are no official signs indicating this for those travelling from Couhé (signs face the other direction). However, we've placed a red sign indicating "Gite" and, in addition, pointing to the right (west) are road signs for BRUX, Memageon, and Le Roty -- these can be used as a landmark for this left turn.
  • If you reach milemarker "D7-86" or the small village of Epanvilliers, then you have missed the turnoff and must turn back.

The following detailed directions and pictures will guide you through the remaining 2km after turning off of D7. Look also for our homemade signs indicating "Gite."

  • After the turn-off from D7, you pass through a field and come to two, closely spaced forks in the road (just before the hamlet of Prémillant). The first fork is pictured to the left. Bear to the left towards Prémillant.
  • This is the second fork, just a few meters passed the first. Bear to the right, and continue through the hamlet of Prémillant.
  • About 100 meters past the second fork is an unmarked "T"-intersection, shown on the left. Straight ahead is the gate to a home. Turn right at this intersection and follow this road for the remaining distance to Les Bordes and Cherry Cottage (<1km).
  • The small road winds and bends for about 1km, tracing the edges of fields and forests.
  • The small road winds and bends, tracing the edges of fields and forests. The road dead ends in Les Bordes. Pictured at the left is the last bend in this road. Continue past this bend and turn left into the driveway of Cherry Cottage, just a few meters ahead. Beyond the fence, the picture shows the back garden adjacent to Cherry Cottage.

For more maps and directions go to : Google Maps or http://www3.mappy.com or http://www.viamichelin.co.uk